Induction Hot Plate

Avalon Bay Square Induction Cooktop IC100B

The Avalon Bay Square Induction Cooktop IC100B is a portable and efficient kitchen appliance. This apartment stove occupies very little space and its lightweight design allows it to be packed and carried anywhere easily. The induction cooker cooks faster, and makes use of less power. This square hot plate simplifies cooking with easy-to-use controls, and a semi-automatic operation. It is an appliance designed for smart and modern kitchens.

With just a push of the on/off button you can start cooking with ease. The control panel features a knob and a function button. The two features can be used to change a variety of settings for your cooking, including 8 power levels, 8 temperature levels, and even set the timer. Once the timer is set, you will not have to supervise your food cooking, the timer will notify you when the cooking is done and automatically go into standby mode. Clearly, this electric burner is a highly user-friendly appliance.

The ceramic square hot plate is designed to uniformly heat the food in all directions. The heat is distributed equally across the flat bottoms of the cookware, cooking the meals uniformly. Most flat-bottomed steel, cast iron, enameled iron, and stainless steel cookware are suitable for use with this precision induction cooktop.

The lightweight and compact portable hot plate is designed to take very limited space and still provide excellent cooking results. The IC100B is suitable for places where there are space constraints like apartments, RVs, dorms, rented rooms, and so on. When it is not being used, it can easily be stored away. Setting it up for use only requires it to be plugged into a power source, set the timer and you are ready to cook. Indeed, it is a very handy kitchen appliance.

Cooking has never been so easy! With this induction cooker your food will be cooked uniformly and never overcook. You set the time and temperature and wait for the timer to beep letting you you're your favorite meal is done cooking. How easy it that!? Cleaning it is also as easy as cooking on the induction plate. With a soft cloth wipe off the ceramic plate and your done. The portable induction cooktop is built to ease your cooking and built to last.

  • 3 Function setting: Time, Temperature & Wattage
  • Automatic shut off safety feature
  • Built-in timer
  • Ceramic heating plate for uniform heat distribution
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Compact size & easy to store
  • Digital display and controls for easy operation
  • ETL Certified
  • Innovative induction cooking accelerates cooking process
  • Programmable cooking timer
  • Sleek surface is easy to wipe clean
Product Type:Induction Hot Plate
Product Dimensions: L: 14.17" x W: 11.02" x H: 2.36"
Product Weight:5.07 lbs.
Product Color:Black
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